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Harris Survey Results and Heart Health

Episode Summary

This week on True To Your Heart, brought to you by Amarin, join Ron Jaworski as he sits down to speak with Managing Director of Harris Surveys, Rob Jekielek, as well as Dr. Dean Bramlet, the Medical Director of the Cardiovascular Diagnostic Center of the Heart and Lipid Institute of Florida in St. Petersburg.

Episode Notes

 On this show, we discuss new ways of looking at your cardiovascular health with leading health and wellness experts! Today we are going to discuss the findings of a recent survey done by Harris Surveys that focuses on cardiovascular disease in America as well as touches on the solutions that can come from the survey. Rob is an expert on the survey and will be walking us through some of the results and what the purpose of the survey is in the first place! Heart disease is the leading cause of death among men and women in the United States, yet there have been growing concerns that the COVID-19 pandemic may have negatively impacted treatment, from lock-downs to general unease about going out. The survey is intended to better understand this dynamic and explore other factors that may be causing an impact to improvements in everyday cardiovascular health. Dr. Bramlet will then give us insight into the potential impact of the survey results in a clinical setting. Hear him discuss exploring the physician-patient dialogue and how physicians have been re-engaging with patients. A lot of people have delayed or avoided going to their health care provider as a result of the pandemic which has put the onus on physicians to reach out to their patients, particularly those with diabetes or heart conditions, to encourage regular checkups. If you like us, leave a review!

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